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Start small, think big. VIVE, a small 28 townhome project, was completed in January of 2014 and represents a meaningful turning point in Asbury Park’s housing market. VIVE was the first new residential development on the waterfront since 2007, following the aftermath of the national financial crisis. Working with Lessard Design to create a townhome community that would embrace the essential elements of life at the shore, VIVE re-established Asbury Park’s residential real estate market. With more than 600 names on a waiting list, each 14-home phase sold out in a day – a major milestone in the rebirth of the waterfront. Today, this small project brings in more than $260,000 annually to Asbury Park in property tax revenue, compared to only $14,000 in annual taxes that the property brought in as vacant land.


Asbury Park, NJ

Property Type


Starfield Executive

Team Led


Completion Date

January 2014

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